Names of convicted sexual offenders can be published

first_img Share LocalNews Names of convicted sexual offenders can be published by: Dominica Vibes News – January 2, 2015 Tweet Share Sharing is caring!center_img 495 Views   2 comments Director of Public Prosecutions, Evelina BaptisteThe director of public prosecutions (DPP), Evelina Baptiste has clarified that the names of sexual offenders can be made public according to law, however she said it can only be done after the individual has been convicted of the offence.Members of the public have raised concern that the names of sexual offenders are hidden and many parents believe that the names of these offenders should be known to help protect unsuspecting victims.“There’s nothing in the law that says that where the accused person is convicted that his name cannot be published,” Ms Baptiste told a panel discussion recently.Ms Baptiste explained however that the media must be cautious as to how these incidents are reported prior to and during the trial.While the names of the convicted offenders can be published according to law, the name of the victims cannot be published.She explained however that in law, “there’s a thing called pre-trial publicity which a defendant can rely on”, that can negatively impact the trial.A defendant can file a motion to the court claiming that based on pre-trial publicity, in most circumstances through the media, “that I can’t have a fair trial because you could never find a reasonable jury, who had not heard what the public said”.“You know how we are in the public, we embellish it until thy kingdom come [and], we say things that did not even happen,” Ms Baptiste continued.“So of course if you can say that there can never be a fair jury because of all what was said, then the matter could be stayed on the grounds of pre-trial publicity so that is one issue,” she said.Ms Baptiste noted that there has been a recent incident where a defendant filed a pre-trial publicity motion which was successful.“Recently it happened where somebody who people think did something and it was all on the air, right and the person actually filed an application on the whole idea of pre-trial publicity”.“Although I called the host of the show and I told him he cannot continue to have that show, I told him who I was and I told him why I was calling and I told him that there are matters against this person of the same nature and he should stop the show,” Ms Baptiste explained. Meanwhile, police public relations officer acting superintendent Claude Weekes said although the law provides that the names of sexual offenders can be made public, the judge prohibits the media from saying the names to protect the victims.“The issue that we have is, the learned judge, when someone is convicted she always advise the media and us in general to use initials so if it is John Brown, to use ‘JB’,” Mr Weekes said. Sharelast_img read more

White Oak parents want school upgrade, commissioners discuss sales tax increase

first_imgShare this:FacebookTwitter About two dozen parents and teachers from White Oak attended the county commission workshop on Monday night to press their hopes for a new gym and updated classrooms. Most commissioners voiced their sympathy but made no promises, passing the buck over to the Board of Education.Teacher Donna Jones spoke for the group, pointing out that several classrooms including the computer lab are housed in trailers that are separated from the main school.“The students have to walk along an uncovered walkway, outside in the weather, to reach the rest of the school,” she said. “We would like the gym, which is too small to safely hold events, to be converted into classroom space and a new gym built.” She added.White Oak has 130 students in grades K-5, and as one commissioner pointed out, keeping the school open avoids students having to endure a two-hour bus ride.Ralph Davis voiced his support for the upgrades, which would cost around $1.2 million, but added that the decision must be made by the Department of Education, that the commission can only work to find the money if a project is approved.Davis then suggested that one way to fund the project would be to increase the local option sales tax by 50 cents, from the current 9.25 percent to the allowable maximum of 9.75 percent.“I would like to see this put on the ballot and let Campbell County citizens vote on it. This would provide the added money to do a lot of things,” Davis pointed out.Another group urged the commission to approve a resolution asking Congress to extend the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which is due to decline at the end of the year to about 50 percent of current levels.Morgan Pennington, representing the Woodland Community Land Trust, pointed out that while more former coal miners are being diagnosed with Black Lung at a younger age, the amount of money being paid into the trust fund from coal companies has declined as numerous companies have declared bankruptcy.Bonnie Swinford pointed out that the excise fee on the industry is due to be cut, but Congress can pass a bill to halt those automatic cuts to the fund. The resolution would make it clear that legislation should not make benefits more difficult to acquire, or be funded by a taxpayer bailout.The resolution also asks Congress to pass the RECLAIM Act, which would transfer $1 billion from a $4.5 billion abandoned mine lands trust fund to states such as Tennessee, which did not certify the AML fund and receive only minimal funding for mine reclamation projects.Tonja Brookman from Jellico added that Community Health of East Tennessee, which supervises the local Black Lung clinic, has voiced their support for the extension of benefits.Also brought up at the workshop was the continuing problem of off-road riders causing vandalism to the Ivydell Church and some property owners along the trail. Commissioners told the resident who complained that they could do little other than urge the Sheriff’s Department to increase patrols and enforcement in the area.The commissioners also set a number of other items for next Monday’s meeting agenda, including funding for the completion of a deep water boat ramp at Lonas Young Park. The money was appropriated last year but the work was delayed when lake levels rose prematurely in the Winter.Robert Higginbotham asked about the status of county funding for the homeless shelter in Scott County, which also serves Campbell County and receives a $7,000 annual donation along with support from the City of LaFollette.Ralph Davis asked Mayor E.L. Morton’s office to prepare a list of all non-profit groups receiving county funds and receive financial reports from them so commissioners can evaluate the effectiveness of county donations. Davis again voiced his support for raising the local sales tax as an alternative to other tax increases.Zachary Marlow added that such a tax increase should be made by the public rather than fifteen commissioners, and urged the commission to refer the idea to committee and invite public input on the idea.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/11/2018-6AM)last_img read more

Tony Keady Challenge To take Place Tomorrow Night

first_imgMembers of The All-Ireland winning Galway Senior and Minor Panels along with some members of the All-Ireland winning sides of 1987 and 88 will get together tomorrow evening in Kenny Park in Athenry to play in a fun challenge with all proceeds going to the Tony Keady Fund. County Board Chairman Pat Kearney spoke to John Mulligan about the gameAudio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Throw in tomorrow evening is at 6.30pm. Admission will be €10 with Under 16’s Free and there is also a gofundme page set up by Tony’s 1988 team mates. It can be accessed here.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Former Galway hurler Tony Keadylast_img

3,000 Athletes Expected for 2018 Galway Clinic Streets Of Galway 8K On The 11th…

EFF To Apple: Free Speech Isn’t a DMCA Violation

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Tags:#NYT#Trends#web sarah perezcenter_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Apple has always been very protective over their proprietary software. The company doesn’t want anything but iTunes to control an iPod – and for good reason, too. The iTunes Store is a money-making machine with over 65 million active customers helping the company sell billions of songs, videos, and apps. Despite iTunes’ popularity, however, there are still those out there who would rather run their own software. Reverse-Engineering iTunesIn order to make an iPod work with an alternative software program – like gtkpod, Winamp, and Songbird, for example – developers need to understand a file called iTunesDB. To prevent people from writing to this file, Apple protects it with a checksum hash which has to be reverse-engineered. Usually that process only takes a couple of days. With the latest iTunes update, Apple has once again changed the hash, meaning it needs to be reverse-engineered again. The developers doing so collaborate together and share their thoughts on iPodhash, an open-source project hosted on Bluwiki, a free web site that lets users create wiki pages. Now Apple has asked for that site to come down, a request that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says is out of line. Earlier this month, a lawyer from Apple’s legal firm O’Melveny & Myers sent out a takedown notice to the site stating the content was illegal under the terms of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). According to the cease-and-desist email, the site is “disseminating information designed to circumvent Apple’s FairPlay digital rights management system.” It continued, “FairPlay is considered anti-circumvention technology under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA explicitly prohibits the dissemination of information that can be used to circumvent such technology.”The EFF has jumped on this case, saying that Apple “doesn’t have a DMCA leg to stand on.” According to EFF senior staff attorney Fred von Lohmann, this move is effectively bending the law in order to stifle free speech. “Apple is essentially saying here that people can’t even talk about the mechanisms that Apple uses to lock in its music to the iTunes software,” he said. The EFF web site goes into more details as to why the EFF believes Apple to be in the wrong, listing the numerous reasons why there’s no DMCA violation on the site. Where Does This Leave The Linux Community? Since the Bluwiki site has complied with the takedown notice, the question is where does this leave the Linux community now? The main reason for the iPodhash project’s existence is due to the fact that Apple does not provide a version of iTunes that runs on Linux. The project is an important community effort that helps Linux users create software programs that work with their iPods and iPhones.Bluwiki’s founder, Sam Odio, had said he was unsure if putting the site back online would be possible. Says Odio of his compliance with the takedown notice, “I regret having to do this. I may be able to put the site back online, but quite honestly it’s unlikely because I can’t afford a legal battle with Apple.” Luckily for him, the EFF is now involved, so he will not have to worry with the legal fees.Apple may only be protecting their very profitable iTunes business, but in this case, they’re suggesting that the DMCA covers people merely talking about technical protection measures. If that’s so, then as EFF says, “they’ve got a serious First Amendment problem.” You can follow this case’s progress on the EFF’s web site, Odio’s blog, and on the iPodhash project’s homepage. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Nobody Wants to Date Policy Wonks: Here’s How to Be Better

first_imgIt’s no secret that dating in today’s technology-based, consumer-driven world is complicated to say the least. But really, basement babies and feminists aside, dating today is hard. And perhaps the group suffering the most, the group I just so happen to be familiar with, is that of the policy wonk.There have been numerous articles articulating the struggle, especially of you poor guys (and gals) on the right who just can’t seem to swing a date. And while I feel a bit of sympathy, being one myself, here’s why even I, a nerdy policy girl on the right, won’t date you.The Gender ConsiderationFirst, let’s get this straight: it’s not that this is only a male problem, but the numbers don’t lie in that there are more men working in policy than women. Attend any gala, happy hour, or conference (especially a libertarian/conservative-leaning one) and you can see for yourself. With females being such a commodity, it’s not that we don’t suffer from the same thing that ails our male counterparts, it’s just that we are literally the lesson in scarcity, so our value goes up regardless. We female nerds aren’t better, but statistics says we have a greater likelihood of nabbing a date even if we succumb to this fatal flaw of wonks.The Wonk is Too Wonky and Yet Not Wonky EnoughYou may be thinking I’m alluding to the infamous social awkwardness and nerdiness of the policy wonk, but remember, I am one of you. To be honest, I think mild social ineptitude is something we ladies can work with. No, the real reason policy-wonks are undateable is because policy is the only thing you get wonky about. It’s the overall one-notedness of your wonkery, if you will, that makes you unappealing romantic prospects. It makes sense that you want to share things you care about with others. Passion is hot! But even passion gets old if, say, pension reform, is the only thing you’re passionate about.Variety is the spice of life and definitely necessary for dating. Think about the most interesting person you know. Why are they interesting? Chances are it’s because they have a few different hobbies or interests and therefore have new, diverting stories to regale you with each time you meet. What about the best date you’ve ever been on — the one without awkward silences, that flowed easily? I’m betting the reason it was so enjoyable was that you each had a few different passions to share with each other.I’m not saying you should hide your love for politics or change the inherent wonkiness of your personality. Far from it! As a female wonk, I love politics, but sometimes I just need a break. It’s about adding to your repertoire. Shake it up by geeking out over Game of Thrones, Marvel, or the latest video game. Chances are if you expand your fandoms (areas of passion within nerd/wonk culture) you can open yourself up to more potential female nerds who are looking for someone to share their nerd-loves with!Get a New Hobby!The good news is that this is easy to fix. Your low credit score and tenuous relationship with fries are decidedly much longer, effort-intensive actions you may also need to take for your dating health, but hobbies? Super easy.Here are some suggestions for finding something else with which to direct your energy towards, rather than being angsty on social media.1. Go. Out. Side. I know that’s the scariest option on the list, but truthfully it’s the best. You’d be surprised what things or people you encounter that could be your new interest. Is it a dog? A new museum? A trendy café that will turn you into a foodie? Who knows! Results may vary.2. Open a non-policy book. The decidedly more nerd-friendly option: pick up a non-policy book! If you already love to read, try a genre you haven’t dabbled in or finally read that book about that thing you are really curious about. Maybe you will gain new random facts with which to dazzle other party guests. Maybe not, but you won’t know if you never read the book!3. Revive an old hobby you’ve neglected. We all had other hobbies before we mutated into wonks. (Unless of course you sprang fully formed from the womb as a wonk. In that case, I’m sorry, there really is no hope for you.) If not, try to rediscover the love for an old hobby you once had. Maybe it was building models, or sewing/knitting, or even writing the next great American novel. Whatever it was, rededicate some time to it; chances are it will feel like reconnecting with an old friend.4. Copy your friends! If you already have friends that you like to spend time with who have hobbies outside of policy, then the easiest way to find your new hobby can be simply by joining them. It may not be your cup of tea, but you may find that simply doing the thing with them makes it fun.5. Volunteer! Perhaps the most outlandish suggestion yet! Now, I recognize you may already be volunteering, and that’s great. But what I’m talking about is volunteering for something non-political; so no calling your senator, or fundraising for an org you kind of work with. I’m talking a long-term, regular person volunteering gig. It could be tutoring kids because you care about education reform or helping edit resumes of ex-cons because of your commitment to criminal justice reform. A charity probably already exists that pairs well with your policy area of interest. Doing this will force you to care deeply about something other than a white paper or whatever new scandal takes Twitter by storm and in turn provide you with something amazing to share with potential dates!Really we are a great group, us policy wonks. We are passionate and deeply motivated to bettering society. We just need to be mindful that the world has so many cool things to offer besides policy. If we get a grip on that, I’m sure our dating lives will greatly improve. And at the very least, we’ll have a new hobby to fill our lonely Friday nights.last_img read more