Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: June 12, 2015

first_imgCreating Personas: In her recap of Cooper’s new Putting Personas to Work course, Eeva Ilama of Tango Me shares what personas are, business cases for personas, and the value of using personas in your design process. UX Design Tips for Your App: The first post in a two-part series from Six Revisions offers six tips for designing good app experiences for your users. While the tips may be a review for you, such as Create a good onboarding experience for your users, they’re good reminders with examples of what to keep in mind when designing your app.AccessibilityIntroducing Deque’s aXe: Launched this week, Deque Systems aXe (The Accessibility Engine) is a lightweight, open-source JavaScript library developers can use to conduct automated accessibility testing within the testing framework or browser of your choice. And I received a notification at noon today there’s a Chrome extension for aXe. Folks keep asking me what the “UX Secret Sauce” consists of. Mostly, it’s just hard work.— Eric Reiss (@elreiss) June 9, 2015 Things I’ve Learned About Building & Coding HTML Email Templates: If you’ve ever designed or coded HTML email, you know how tricky the design can be and how markup doesn’t follow current coding standards. Lee Munroe has posted a brain dump of all he’s learned over the years. Useful!What I Found InterestingYou can use this Chrome extension to watch how any Google Doc was written: With the Draftback Chrome extension, anyone can see how a document was created. A bit of a privacy concern for me, how about you? 12 Common Image Formatting Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website: Follow this guide from Canva to avoid common mistakes with images on your website. Something that I wish more people would be aware of #Invisibledisability #disabilityawareness pic.twitter.com/AuKkwb8xov— Emma B 🐧 (@Snuggles84) June 8, 2015 10 Tips for Creating Accessible Content for Your Website: Whether it’s text on a web page, the code used to create the page, or linked Word documents on the page, following these 10 tips will help you produce more accessible web content.WordPressWordPress Image Handling in a Responsive Images World: Morten Rand-Hendricksen proposes a different method for WordPress to manage responsive images, a strategy that leaves image sizing behind, and introduces the possibility of CSS clipping. Evolution of the Jetpack Logo: Behind the Scenes with Dave Whitley: Take a look at the behind-the-scenes design of the new Jetpack logo, one that bridges WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Spotlight on CoSchedule—An Easy, Efficient Editorial Calendar: My online colleaguee Claire Brotherton explains the advantages of using Co-Schedule for your WordPress editorial calendar, and walks you through setting it up on your site.How to Use Jetpack Without Connecting to WordPress.com: If you want to use Jetpack modules, but don’t want the hassle of connecting to WordPress.com, check out the Unplug Jetpack plugin. @beep new in Safari: “responsive design™ mode” with a neato keyboard shortcut. pic.twitter.com/sfDK23s0Kp— ⚍ (@meyer) June 8, 2015 WordPress Core Contributors Call for User Testing on the Menu Customizer Plugin: Many WordPress users are excited about being able to create menus in the Customizer, but developers have been less enthusiastic. With plans to merge the Menu Customizer plugin into core within the next week, usability testing is being conducted.50 Most-Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks: Great post to bookmark. It’s a boatload of all kinds of WordPress tips to add features and functionality to your site, through plugins, code, and options within WordPress.Responsive DesignA new digital home for Svenska Dagbladet: The online redesign of the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet had the goal of going responsive with one website. They implemented a new publishing platform along with a new editorial flow. In this week’s roundup of web design and development resources, you’ll learn why low-contrast text is bad for usability and accessibility, find out about a new open-source library for automated accessibility testing, discover 50 tips for WordPress, and more.Each Friday I publish a post with my favorite resources for user experience, accessibility, WordPress, CSS, and HTML I’ve read in the past week. If you’d like to learn about resources like these on a daily basis, follow me @redcrew on Twitter.Today’s photo is from the Peony Garden at the University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum, containing almost 300 historic cultivated peony varieties from the 19th and early 20th centuries. I visited the garden last weekend; it was a beautiful sight! Tweet of the WeekThere is a big difference between “anecdotal evidence” and qualitative research. pic.twitter.com/kUdEe2lkbN— Dr. Sam Ladner (@sladner) June 9, 2015User ExperienceLow-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer: Low-contrast text may be popular, but it’s bad for usability and accessibility, according to Nielsen Norman Group research.Five Lessons in UX Design: Jerry Cao of UxPin shares five strategies for creating better online interactions. My favorite is the second: don’t neglect microcopy. Understanding the CSS ‘Content’ Property: Nice tutorial by Gajendar Singh on the use cases and syntax for the content property. I remember when I recommended it for a design issue we had on the home page of the college website; it was a great solution.Creative Data Design in Email: Who says you can’t get creative with data design in your HTML emails? Check out the winning entry form the Litmus Community Contest. And the other entries are impressive as well.The team used a ton of interesting concepts, including animated weather indications, an animated SVG radar chart, hoverable tooltips, and a number of beautifully designed data points. Introducing srcset, our first step towards fully responsive images in Microsoft Edge: The developers on the Microsoft Edge team discuss responsive image support, what they considered, and what we can expect next in their implementation of srcset. CSS and HTMLAfter Dark: Do you remember the Flying Toasters, Fish, and Bouncing Ball screensavers from a couple decades ago? They’ve returned, all built with CSS. Performance Tools: In this roundup from CSS-Tricks, you’ll find a plethora of tools and apps to improve the performance of your site or app, from content delivery networks (CDNs) to online performance testing tools to CSS stats and more. How to map your Mac’s CapsLock key to a NVDA or JAWS key in a Windows virtual machine: Since MacBook’s keyboard has no insert key, and the main modifier key used by screen readers on Windows is the insert key, Marco Zehe shows you how to map your Mac’s CapsLock key to behave as an insert key.IBM on the importance of accessibility: At the recent M-Enabling Conference, Frances West, IBM‘s chief accessibility officer, spoke on the importance of accessibility within the company:Internally we make sure that IBM has the right policy and governance in place so that our business units and different corporate functions from HR to CIO focus on making sure their products or services are as accessible as possible. The Ultimate Slack Cheat Sheet: The popular Slack application is used by hundreds of companies and organizations around the world for team communication. Check out the cheat sheet to learn about the user interface, how to customize your team, and advanced tipsShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWeekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: January 2, 2015Welcome to the new year! If this is your first time visiting my blog, each Friday I publish a weekly roundup of the latest web design and development resources for user experience, accessibility, WordPress, CSS, HTML, and responsive design. 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