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first_imgTags:#web#Weekly Wrap-ups Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market richard macmanuscenter_img Another busy week of Web Tech news and analysis. Here is what we covered onRead/WriteWeb during the week (number of comments in brackets)…OneWebDay: In CelebrationOf The Web (2) – looks like this didn’t take off in a big way, judging by the lack ofblogosphere love for it. I still think it’s a great idea though, a day to celebrate theWeb.MicrosoftPlans Web-based Works Suite – Including Word Processing And Spreadsheets (4) – thisnews seemed to underwhelm people. Microsoft Works as a Web Office suite? People expectmore innovation I think. But this is where Zoho, Zimbra and other small companies comeinto play.Business WebDesktop From Salesforce.com (1) – personalized start pages come to the businessworld.The SocialNetworking Faceoff (23) – Alex Iskold’s latest Faceoff post noted that Orkut isperhaps more influential than most people think. But there was some robustdiscussion on the accuracy of the Alexa stats we used.BreakingNews: Facebook in talks with Yahoo for rumored $1B deal (9) – no confirmation fromYahoo sources yet, but according to Michael Arrington in his latest podcast “something is clearly going on there”. So watch this space…Interview:Can Userplane Help Transform AOL? (0) – Userplane’s Michael Jones: “We expectUserplane to have a great influence on the future of AOL’s strategy and culture.”DEMOfall2006 Presenting Companies Announced (0) – DEMO is on this week and Alex Iskold willbe providing on-the-scene reports for R/WW.Top Web Apps inJapan (10) – this is a fascinating post, thanks to the information given to me byBenjamin Joffe (CEO of Plus Eight Star Ltd) andMasashi Kobayashi (partner of Globis Capital Partners – one ofthe largest Venture Capital firms in Japan). Must read, IMO.9rules AddsCommunity Search Engine (0) – a neat example of social search.3TeraBrings Utility Computing To Web Apps (7) – watch this company, 3Tera. They arebuilding outstanding web technology.TheSocial Bookmarking Faceoff (65) – Alex’s post got a great deal of attention, so scroll through the comments if social bookmarking is your thing.France Web MarketOverview (19) – another in our popular international web apps series.Building WebNative Apps: Google Calendar and Web Office (4) – Web Native apps are Google’s raisond’etre.Can GoogleChina compete with Baidu? (8) – check out the comments for some excellent pro and conarguments. Most people do expect Google to compete well, long term, against Baidu in the Chinamarket. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img

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