Chapter Highlight: Southeast Michigan Celebrates the Holidays

first_imgTo end the year, the Southeast Michigan Chapter of America’s Future Foundation had a Holiday Soiree as a fun celebration and thank you to their active members.  Over 20 people came, and unfortunately more would have joined had the state house calendar not extended and there was a vote. For the first hour, everyone mingled and enjoyed drinks and food.For the program, Dr. Matt McCord with Docs4PatientCare spoke. This was very timely due to open enrollment and all that is continuing to change with health care due to the ACA. Dr. McCord focused more on patient/doctor care and what the driver’s are. He used many practical examples to showcase what isn’t working with health care and what reforms would work. He stressed how the decoupling of the payments has really hurt the system. He focused on how access and cost will continue to be huge problems, and how they will both get worse. He even used a power point to bring many of his points to life.  Individuals asked questions even as his remarks moved along.Many stayed after to keep chatting. Overall it was a great discussion and excited crowd of young professionals!Interested in learning about AFF opportunities or chapter events in your area? Check out our Local Chapter Highlights to learn more, or contact Kathryn Shelton, Director of Chapter Advancement for America’s Future Foundation, at [email protected]last_img

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