Heres how to spot someone up to Dublin for the 8th of

first_imgIT’S A TRADITION, pure and simple.The 8th of December every year is when people from around the four corners of Ireland come down, across, or up to Dublin to meet Santa, see the lights and get the Christmas presents.Either you were one of the ones coming up, or you were a Dub spotting all the country folk up for the day.Here are the things you’ll spot in Dublin on the 8th.DISCLAIMER! This article is written about fond memories that both Dubs and country people have about Christmas shopping on the 8th. No need for scrapping in the comments. Tis the season, after all. 1. GAA jerseysComing up to the big smoke? It’s important to represent your county. Dublin definitely has more GAA jerseys milling about in it on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception than it does any other day. Source: Balls.ie2. Extremely busy train and bus stationsNot to mention the roads. Dear God, THE ROADS. Source: Gadgetspage3. People being polite to tourists and buskers“Who are these people waiting for me to pass and not jaywalking?” a Dub will ponder to themselves, going about their business in town. “Oh wait. It’s the 8th.” Source: comediva4. The food courts in Kylemore, Clerys and Arnotts absolutely jammedFor the bit of dinner, like. Source: Pammie765. A massive queue to see SantaOr to see “Santy” – depending on which side of the debate you’re on. Source: cntraveler.com6. Coaches at shopping centresThe Blanchardstown Shopping Centre inundated with coaches to ferry the hordes back and forth. Source: prok9security.com7. Bus-ageddonLong queues on the buses as innocent would-be passengers get flummoxed by the ‘exact change only’ rule and drivers who are fed up explaining. Source: Facebook/TheCobblestone8. More lost children in the shopsShouting for their Mammy in accents impenetrable to a true Dub.9. The Red Cow carpark will  be MENTALSure everyone knows them car parks in the city centre would have the clothes off your back. Source: Wikimedia Commons10. Queues in SupermacsSupermacs is more of a regional institution than a Dublin one. The Dublin outlets probably never see a bigger rush on a single and snackbox than they do on this day in December. Source: Trocaire11. Even more people than usual gawking up at the lightsDubs do it too, of course, but by the 8th they’re almost used to them. If you see someone pointing in delight at the lights on the 8th, they’re almost certainly from beyond the Pale. Source: Michael Foley PhotographyDo you have any fond memories of coming up to Dublin on the 8th? Or can you remember spotting people up as a Dub? Let us know in the comments.Read: The 16 absolute greatest Christmas jumpers of 2013>Read: 14 very Irish Christmas present ideas>last_img

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