NI Assembly criticised for hostile climate towards the Irish language

first_imgSTORMONT HAS BEEN warned about its lack of promotion of the Irish language by the Council of Europe.A review of minority languages in the UK said there is a “persisting hostile climate” within the Northern Assembly towards the Irish language, adding there is a lack of support for it.IrishThe review team also criticised the the delay in the long-awaited Irish Language Act.The Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure in Northern Ireland, Caral Ni Chuilin has indicated she would bring in new legislation during the current Assembly term.The report from the Council of Europe also looked at the minority languages, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.The Council said there was a lack of information from the authorities and the UK Government about the use and promotion of Irish in Northern Ireland.Read: More than €12 million spent training Irish language graduates to translate EU legislation>Column: What’s the future for the Irish language and do politicians want to preserve it?>last_img

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