BitDefender SafeBox aims to be a more secure DropBox

first_imgNot too long ago, the fine people Dropbox found themselves in some hot water when an update to their terms of service had users up in arms. The issue: Dropbox stated they would hand over files to law enforcement officials if subpoenaed. Some took it the wrong way, thinking this was a decision Dropbox had made and that it violated user privacy. In truth, U.S. law requires all providers to cooperate — Dropbox was merely clarifying as much in their policies.Ultimately, a number of Dropbox users went looking for a service they believed to be more secure. BitDefender thinks their new cloud sync app Safebox might be just the thing. It’s a reasonable enough assumption considering BitDefender is one of the top security software developers in the world.Security and privacy concerns aside, Safebox doesn’t soem of the advanced features that Dropbox does. Bandwidth controls are very limited, for example. You can either let Safebox run full blast or “limit bandwidth,” but there’s no slider or text box to let you set your upload and download speeds. There’s also no pause control, and no LAN sync option — a killer feature if you’re using Dropbox on a home or office network.There’s also no subfolder synchronization control (selective sync on Dropbox). If you drag your My Pictures folder in, for example, you can’t drill down and exclude your Furries or Unicorn subfolders. Platform support is also fairly limited right now, with only Windows and Android clients available. iOS apps are on the way, but no mention is made of Mac or Linux.Safebox also has one minor security failing I’d like to see BitDefender address. During the registration process, I accidentally entered my email address in the password field — I was in a hurry and thought I was simply confirming it. Safebox didn’t care that I was using the same set of characters for both my login and my password, which is a pretty major security no-no.Once nice thing Safebox does let you do is synchronize any folder on your computer, no matter where it’s located. All you have to do is drag the folder you want to sync over the Safebox panel and drop it. You can also connect as many computers to a single Safebox as you like, and you’ll get 2GB of space for free. A 30GB account will run you about $50 per year, while 60GB is $90. That’s slightly cheaper than Dropbox, which costs $120 per year for 50GB of storage. It’s doubtful that small savings will attract users, but for existing BitDefender customers who want to complement their security suite with a bit of cloud storage, it’s not a bad deal.More at V3 and BitDefenderlast_img

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