Adobe CEO angers everyone by sidestepping Creative Suite pricing questions

first_imgThere have been a lot of very angry Adobe software users in Australia this week as it was discovered retail versions of Creative Suite would carry a massive premium (up to $1,800) over what Adobe charges US users.So massive is the difference in fact, it’s been stated you could actually fly from Australia to the US, buy Creative Suite, fly back, and still save money.So when Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen turned up in Sydney to meet with press and open a new office, the opportunity was taken to ask him why there was a huge pricing difference. Did he answer the question? He didn’t even attempt to as can be seen in the video above. Instead, he ignored what the question was actually asking and focused on talking about the Creative Cloud. He didn’t do this just once, either.Repeated questions about pricing were simply met with responses about the Creative Cloud, and Australian viewers were left none the wiser. I’m guessing the anger levels have escalated as well following this terrible showing by Narayen.It doesn’t make sense that Australians (or any other country for that matter) should pay more than the US beyond any tax and import duty differences. It also doesn’t make sense for Shantanu Narayen to not answer the question. It does nothing to help Adobe, his reputation, or sales of the company’s software.The one concession Adobe has made in recent days is to bring the Creative Cloud suite subscription pricing in line with the US. But purchasing full versions of the Creative Suite apps makes absolutely no financial sense to Australians, and it seems the reason for the high price is set to remain something only Adobe insiders discuss unless forced to disclose them publicly.last_img

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