UK Launches Space Strategy to Fend Off Intensifying Threats

first_imgStay on target The UK is poised to fight “emerging space-based threats” with a new program, unveiled this week by the defense secretary.Gavin Williamson on Monday announced the launch of the UK’s Defense Space Strategy, which turns over control of military space operations to the Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Command.“We must make sure we are primed and ready to deter and counter the intensifying threats to our everyday life that are emerging in space,” Williamson said.AdChoices广告Threats like jamming of civilian satellites, which are used for broadcasting and navigation, as well as communications, imagery, precision targeting, and force tracking for the Armed Forces.“Satellite technology is not just a crucial tool for our [troops] but vital to our way of life, whether that be access to our mobile phones, the Internet, or television,” the representative continued. “It is essential we protect our interests and assets from potential adversaries who seek to cause major disruption and do us harm.”As reliance on these space-based services grows, any disruption—natural or made-made hazards, international ultimatums from hostile states—could provoke “severe” repercussions, according to the UK government.“I am determined to ensure that the RAF’s leadership of military space operations transforms our ability to address the growing threats and hazards,” Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hiller said in a statement.Raking in £14 billion ($18.8 billion) a year, the space industry is vital to Britain’s economy. And officials want to keep it that way.This new defense strategy will examine how the country can work with allies across NATO and the Five Eyes partnership (which includes the US) to protect and defend mutual space interests—preferably through continued participation in the EU’s Galileo program (to which the United Kingdom has contributed €1.4 billion/$1.6 billion).The country, however, is working on a backup plan, partnering with the UK Space Agency to explore different opportunities for local companies.Williamson also revealed plans to add another 100-plus jobs to the UK defense space sector over the next five years.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Scientists Discover Possible Interstellar VisitorWater Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ Planet last_img

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