Delusions and the midnight sun

first_imgIsaac Delusion took up the torch where Telepopmusik left it. Or so they say.  A year ago, the duo barely existed : it’s an ongoing musical evolution, and the mysterious birds are still exploring. Isaac Delusion crossed the geographical barriers and musical ones and made their debut in the Capital city on Wednesday at Alliance Française.Together since the time of high school bands and music projects Isaac Delusion came in to being when demo tapes were passed on to prospective producers and green signals started flashing. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The band is apart, it wanders while maintaining its identity – you can feel the ‘label with the elephant’ philosophy floating around. Vague much? We asked where the name Isaac Delusion comes from – ‘We aren’t exactly sure,’ says Jules. The name came out of the music they happened to create and no one questioned why. The due have different musical influences and musical backgrounds, explains Jules when we asked about what inspired them. There is no meeting point in this chaos. But such a treat it is. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThis record is like switching off the alarm clock just to dream another 5 minutes. Either way, only the shadow of an airy sleep can allow someone to intermix pop, electronic, hip hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all that with an unbearable lightness. Isaac Delusion makes sleepwalking tunes. Made of dreamy ballads, always these vague landscapes, undefinable vastness and also time that is running through our fingers. It’s a happy marriage of genres, it’s all about something spontaneous. It feels like their music washes over you like light and you are left wondering in a half-sleep state. Midnight Sun drew its imagination from travels to Iceland and elsewhere, from experiments. All this has been amplifying lately, a few gigs in New York for CMJ Festival, Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, the Pitchfork Festival, Radio Nova, vinyl, encounters. The first release was about sun at midnight and the second is about dawn. And now the India chapter has been kicked off and should do the duo good. They are already working on a full length, because ‘light can’t stop them dreaming awake’. And after Delhi, there will be no looking back.last_img

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