Weaving thoughts through art

first_imgTraditionally, Hinduism has adopted ancient Sanskrit phrase Vasudha eka Kutumbakam, which denotes ‘the world is one family’. There are two great goals a human can attain – he or she can seek enlightenment or work towards building a world of peace, love and happiness. The more we search for wisdom, the more we become inclusive and free our eternal spirit from worldly illusions or maya. World peace is, hence, only achieved eternally – by librating ourselves from artificial boundaries that separate us all from all dharmic religions Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBorn in a small district of West Bengal, the artist, Bhaskar Singha thinks that every creation is bound in a cycle which revolves everywhere in the universe as a wind – as wind blows and changes its shape in different ways, so our lives go on to manifest various emotions. Singha says that painting is meditation to him and achieves pain, pleasure enjoyment and satisfaction through his involvement into the process of creation, space, colours, forms and figures, which gives spiritual satisfaction. He further adds that ancient men would communicate through paintings to convey their thoughts with each other. The cave paintings that could have been unearthed are testimonies to that. Art has evolved since then and has acquired a different dimension passing through numerous experiments everyday to reach a new height.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBhaskar has held numerous art exhibitions between 1994 and 2016, in varied cities including Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Japan, Singapore, Dubai. He was honoured with the Camlin Foundation Award in 2005. Bhikhu Ram Jain Foundation Award in 2010 in Delhi for his dedication and massive contribution to art and culture.   Bhaskar Singha began his journey when he joined the Indian College of Art Kolkata to have a tryst with the colours in 1986 and graduated in Fine Arts. From then he started to express his thoughts in the new language of paint and brush, using different colours to convey different moods, sentiments and thoughts of human beings. The influences of childhood environment come repeatedly in thoughts of art and those are reflected in his paintings in their true colours. Some objects, which are quite strange to others, are assimilated in his painting very  easily as if they grow and develop along with the artist himself. He has successfully tried to depict such objects which one can only feel. The work of Bhaskar Singha, in the five-day exhibition will surely make all the art-lovers, critics and dealers to sit up and think about his works in his own terms and language of presenting the art form. When:  January 6 – 10 Timing: 10 am – 7:30 pm Where: Convention Center Foyer , India Habitat Centerlast_img

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